Tatiana Mitina

Name: Tatyana Mitina

Date of birth: 06.06.1953
Place of birth: Anucensk, Primoskii, State Rusia
Address: ap.21 Dimo 11/2, Chisinau, Moldova, MD 2068
E-mail: mitina_tatiana@mail.ru


1975-1971  State University of Moldova, Faculty of Chemistry
1971-1961  School of Chisinau

Work history:

2007–present  head of laboratory
2000-2007  assistance manager
1992-2000  Principal Specialist
1986-1992  head of group
1979-1986  leading engineer
1977-1979  engineer

Scientific&public activities:

Participation in the international and national projects
• Study on the quality of rural drinking water (The World Bank) 1997.
• Prut river water management (TACIS) 1999-2000.
• Actions to improve environment situation in village Bacioi, Chisinau 2001.
• Improvement of drinking water sources in village Mindresti jud.Orhei 2002.
• Elaboration of the technology of waste utilization from spirit manufacture 2007.
• Technology of complex processing of grape seeds into a food substitute and manufactured feed concentrate 2007.
• Studying the mechanisms of residual photoconductivity attenuation in Pb, Sn Te (In) 08.820.06.41 RF.
• Optimization of propolis production technology 02.2008.
• Evaluation of the influence of „Criva“ carrier on the water, air and land ecosystems of the adjacent territories, taking into account geochemistry of overburden

Professional skills:

Analytical chemistry: atomic absorption spectrometry, photocolorimetry, chemical methods of the analysis.

Computer: Windows. MS Word, MS Excel MS PowerPoint