Bogdevici Oleg

Name: Bogdevich Oleg Petru

Date of birth: 7.05.1963
Nationality: Citizen of Moldova Republic
Home: T. Vladimirescu str., 1/1, ap. 106,
MD2024, Chishinau, Moldova.
Phone: (003732) 497979;
Office: Academiei str., 3, Institute of Geology and Seismology,
MD-2028, Chishinau, Moldova.
Phone: (003732) 739636,
Fax: (003732) 739720.
Key qualification: Environmental Geochemistry;
Hydrogeology and Engineering geology;
Environmental Engineering;
Analytical Chemistry for Environmental Investigation.


September 1988 - September 1992  Productive Research Institute of Geotechnical Investigation in Construction, Moscow, Russia, Ph.D. Student.
Degree: Ph.D. of Geology and Mineralogy, Speciality: Engineering Geology.
September 1980 - June 1985  State University from Odessa, Geological and Geographical Department, Student.

Diploma: Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology.

Qualification: M.S. (Engineer Geologist).

Language skills:

Languages     Reading     Speaking    Writing
Ukrainian        excellent   excellent     excellent
Russian           excellent   excellent     excellent
English            good        good          good
Romanian       good        good          good

Other skills:

• professional application of Atomic Absorption Spectrometry and Gas Chromatography for the environmental investigation (GC, GC/MS);
• employment software and GIS-technologies for database creation of geological and ecological information;
• determination of physical and mechanical characteristics of rocks;
• consultant by Analytical Laboratory Accreditation by ISO 17025

Present position: Deputy Director of Institute of Geology and Seismology.

Specific International Experience:

• Consultant in project “Identification of POPs Residuals and Mapping of Polluted Areas” Consultancy Services CS-5, GEF Grant Nr. TF055875 “Persistent Organic Pollutants Management and Destruction Project”, 2009 – 2010.
• Head of the project “Elimination of acute risks from Obsolete Pesticide in Moldova”, component part Remediation, MilieuKontakt, the Netherlands, 2007 – 2008;
• Team Leader of Bilateral Grant Program MRDA-CRDF foundation (Moldova USA) 2001- 2003;
• Consultant hydrogeologist in "Prut river water management programm" of TACIS, 1999 – 2000.

Professional Experience Record:

June 2007 - present Deputy director of Institute of Geology and Seismology
December 2002 – June 2007 Head of the Lab. of Environmental Geochemistry
April, 1997 – December 2002 Deputy Head of the Lab. of Environmental Geochemistry,
April, 1995 - April, 1997 Lab. Environmental Geochemistry, research worker
August, 1994 - April, 1995 Lab. Engineering Geology, research worker
Sept., 1990 - August, 1994 Lab. Engineering Geology, junior research worker
August, 1985 - Sept., 1990 Lab. Engineering Geology, engineer

Courses taught and other services provided to students and the home institution:

• Supervisor of student diploma works by Ecological and Chemical Specialties of Moldavian State University;
• Courses for geological specialty of Moldavian State University:

1. Physic and chemical methods for environmental investigation;
2. Engineering Geology;

Professional honors, awards and fellowships:

1. Third Country Training Program (TCTP) in Exploration and Evaluation of Underground Resources by REMOTE SENSING and GIS. MTA-JICA Turkey-Japan 3-27 May, 2004, Ankara
2. Senior Research Worker, High Qualification Committee of Moldova Republic, 1999;
3. Awards of SOROS Foundation for the participation in two international meetings (Germany, 1999; USA, 2000);
4. Premium for young scientists, Presidium of Academy of Science, 1992;


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