Jalalite Gene

Surname(s) / First name(s): Jalalite Gene
Kisinau, Calea Iesilor str. 59\1, ap.143
home: +37322 75-94-12
mob: +37369374710
fax: +37322 61-59-80
e-mail: jalalite@mail.md
Nationality: Lithuanian
Date of birth: 27.05.1951
Gender: Female


1967-1971  Kiev Geological Technical School.
1987-1993  Odessa State University, Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology.

Work Experience:

1971-1997  Hydrogeologist of Moldavian Hydrogeology Expedition.
1997-2003  Chief of the monitoring and balance of ground water section, Moldavian Hydrogeology Expedition.
2003-2008  General Director of State Agency for Geology of Republic of Moldova.
2008-present  Academy of Science, Institute of Geology and Seismology scientific researcher.

Scientific&public activities:

1999  Participation in the investigation of hidrogeological conditions in the region Nisporeni with Swiss Offis for Development.
1999-2000  Participation in the TASIS project Management of Water Resources of Basin r. Prut.
2000  Expert (groundwater) in the TASIS project Study of Influence polygon of pesticides on the Environment in the Vulcanechti region.
2003-2004  Member of National Commission for implementation Danube Convention. National Expert for groundwater.
2003-2008  Member of Intergovernmental Council of UIG for Entrails Study, Exploitation and Guarding.
2006  Participation in the consultations on the Environmental and security issues,OSCE.