Gheorghe Duca

Surname(s) / First name(s):Gheorghe Duca

Address:Academy of Sciences of Moldova
1 Bd.Stefan cel Mare MD 2001,
Chisinau Republic of Moldova,
Office: (0373-22) 27 14 78
fax: (0373-22) 27 60 14
Date of birth: February 29, 1952
Gender: male

1969-1974  State University of Moldova, Faculty of Chemistry.
1996-1979  Post-graduate studies, State University of Moldova, Physical Chemistry Department.
1985-1986  Post-doctoral studies, Institute of Chemical Physics, Academy of Sciences of Russia.
1989-1990  Course in the field of environmental engineering at the University „La   Sapienza”,  Rome, Italy.
1993  Training course „Ecological Management” at EERO, Holland.
1996  Training course „Environmental Impact Assessment” at the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.
2000  Training course „Environmental Education” at the University of California, Riverside, U.S.A.
2000  Program Management training, CRDF& National Science Foundation, Vest Virginia, U.S.A.
2001  Water and Waste Analysis course, American Chemical Society, New Orleans, LA, U.S.A.
2002    „Long Distance Education Cources”, Universitatea din California, Riverside, USA.

Scientific Degrees

1979  Doctor of Sciences,  Physical Chemistry, State University of Moldova.
1989  Hability Doctor of Sciences in  Environment Protection and in Kinetics and Catalysis, University of Odessa, Ukraine.
1990  Professor, State University of Moldova.
1992  Correspondent Member, Academy of Sciences of Moldova.
2000  Academician, Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

Honorable Titles

1983  Laureate of the State Prize for Youth in the field of Science and Technology of Moldova.
1995  Laureate of the State Prize for Science, Technology and Production of the Republic of Moldova.
1996  Honorable title „Om emerit in stiinta” („Honored Person in Science”).
1997  Member of the American Chemical Society, Environmental Department.
1999  Member of the Central European Academy of Sciences and Arts.
1999  Member of the International Academy of Informatics.
1999  Member of the Pedagogical Academy of Russia.
2000  Doctor Honoris Causa, „Gh.Asachi” University, Iasi, Romania.
2000  Laureate of the State Prize for Science, Technology and Production of the Republic of Moldova.
2003  Medal for Inventions of Belgium.
2004  „Commander’s Cross of Honour Order” issued by Government of Poland.
2005  „Scientist of Year” – Joint Prize of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and the Bank of Economy
Medail d’Or pour les eminents services rendus a la cause du Progres. ICEPEC, Bruxelles. 2006   
  Doctor Honoris Causa of the State University „Aleco Russo”, Balti, Moldova.
2006  Doctor Honoris Causa of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova.
2006  Honorable Member of the Academy of Agricultural and Forest Sciences, Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti.
2006  Honorable Member of the Romanian Academy.
2008  Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.
2009  Honorable Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Managerial Experience

1988-1992  Head of the Physical Chemistry Department, State University of Moldova.
1991-1998  Director of the Research Center of Ecological and Applied Chemistry, State University of Moldova.
1992-1998  Head of the Industrial and Ecological Chemistry Department, State University of Moldova.
1992-1995  Dean of the Faculty of Ecology, International University of Moldova.
1992-2006  President of the Republican Committee for awarding prizes to young researchers in the field of science and technology.
1994-2006  President of the Scientific Specialized Council for the nomination of the Doctor of Science degree.
1998-2001  Chairman of the Commission for Culture, Science, Education, and Mass-media of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.
2000-2006  Honorable President of the Moldovan Research and Development Association of the Republic of Moldova (MRDA). 
2001-2004  Minister of Ecology, Construction and Territory Development of the Republic of Moldova.
2004-present   President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

Disciples of the Ecological Chemistry School

1982-present   12 doctoral students have defended their doctoral theses and six post-doctoral students are preparing their doctoral theses in the field of physical chemistry and environment protection, and 2 habilitat doctors.
1988-present   Series of Specialized Lectures on Ecological Chemistry for students of the Department of  Ecological and Industrial Chemistry, State University of Moldova.


1990,1991 The Moldavian and Romanian rivers sediment research (Laboratory"Stejarul", Romanian Academy of Sciences (Piatra Niamts, Romania), field research.
Team Grant RZCOO from International Sciences Foundation, investigations of sand waves and turbulence in rivers.
  Geophysical Research Department of General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration, Turkey, Ankara, scientific relations.
  Team Grant of National Science Foundation, USA (SBR9710068) , the hydrodynamics stream confluences research. Department of Geography, University of Illinois, at Urbana-Champaign (USA), field research.
  The research of turbulent flow and sediment distributions in a groyne field, Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (Berlin, Germany), field research.

Chairman of Scientific Conferences organized in Moldova

1985  The First International School on Ecological Chemistry, 150 participants from 15 countries;
1995  The First International Symposium on Ecological Chemistry, 200 participants from 21 countries;
2002  The Second International Symposium on Ecological Chemistry, 250 participants from 25 countries;
2005  The Third International Symposium on Ecological Chemistry, 480 participants from 38 countries;
1991-2005  Annual Scientific Conferences for Under-graduate and Ph.D. Students on Ecological Chemistry and Chemical Risk Assessment.
2005  International Conference „Opportunities for implementing and commercializing the scientific results in the field of pharmaceutics and medical facilities”, 24 February, 2005.
2005  The III-rd International Symposium on Ecological Chemistry, 480 participants from 38 countries, 20-21 May, 2005.
2005  International Conference „Technology Transfer in Agriculture and Food Production”, 10-11 June, 2005.
2005  International Workshop „Technology Transfer in Electronic Engineering, Multifunctional Materials and Fine Mechanics”, 17 September, 2005.
2005  International Conference „Energy of Moldova-2005”, 21-24 September, 2005.
2005  International Conference on Coordination Chemistry in Ciugai.
2006-2008  Sessions of the National Club Partnership of Science and Business:

1.  „Biotechnologies in agriculture, food safety, soil fertility and wastes management in the agricultural-food sector”, 17 March, 2006;
2. „Technologies with a reduced energy consumption and alternative sources of energy”, 19 May, 2006;
3. „Nanotechnologies, industrial engineering, materials and construction technologies”, 14 September, 2006;
4. „Environmental engineering, clean technologies and products”, 28 November, 2006.
5. „Technologies of energetic sources from biomass production”, 2 March, 2007.
6. „Pharmaceutical and medicinal products obtained from local raw materials”, 13 September, 2007.
7. „Treatment and processing of secondary winery products”, 16 May, 2008.

2006 International Conference BIT „International Technologies – 2006”, 11-13 April, 2006.
International Conference „Ipsilanti, Filipidis – protagonists of the Greco-Moldovan history”, 24 June, 2006.
Scientific-practical Conference „15 years of Independence of the Republic of Moldova”, 22 August, 2006.
The V-th International Scientific-practical Conference «The ecological-chemical problems of the river Dniester», Odessa, Ukraine, 4-6 October, 2006.
The International Conference of Academies Of Sciences from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe "The global science and the national politics: the role of academies", 4-5 May, 2007.
The II-nd International Conference of the Chemical Society of the Republic of Moldova "Achievements and Perspectives of Modern Chemistry", 1-3 October, 2007.
MYSSP Award Management Seminar, 18 January, 2008.
International Conference for the Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Caucasus and Baltic States on SCIENCE AND EDUCATION POLICIES, 18-21 September, 2008.
NATO Advanced Research Workshop „The Role of Ecological Chemistry in Pollution Research and Sustainable Development”, 9-10 October, 2008.
  International scientific conference „The Family of Cantemir – Famous Dynasty of XVII-XVIII Centuries”, Chisianu, Moldova, 28-29 November, 2008


Editorial Activity

2001-2006  member of International Editorial Board of  «Химия и технология воды» („Chemistry and Technology of Water”) journal (Ukraine).
2002-2004  Editor-in-Chief of  “Mediul Ambiant” (“Environment”) journal (Moldova).
2002-2006  member of Editorial Advisory Board of  «Environmental Engineering and Management Journal» (Romania).
2004  Co-President of national Committee on editing the collection  „Lumea animală a Moldovei” („Animal World of Moldova”) - 4 volumes and „Lumea vegetală a Moldovei” („Vegetation World of Moldova”) - 4 volumes. 
2005-2006  Head of Editorial Board of „Chemistry Journal of Moldova” (Moldova).
2005–present  Head of Editorial Board of „Academos” Journal of Science, Innovation, Culture and Art.
2006–present  Co-Editor-in Chief of „CLEAN-Soil, Air, Water” Journal (Germany).
2006-present  President of Coordination Council of the book collection „Academica"
2008  President of Coordination Council of collection „Scietific reservation”,
2008  Member of editor council of journal „Springer”,
2008 President of Coordination Council journal „Mediul Ambiant”

Additional Information

1998-present  Expert of the INTAS European Program.
1999-present  Co-director of the project “Environmental Education Partnership  Program" promoted by the University of California, Riverside and State University of Moldova.
2001-2005  Co-president of the Moldo-Polish Intergovernmental Mixed Commission for commercial, economic, scientific and technical cooperation.
2001-2004  Member of Administrative Council of the Regional Environmental Center.
2003-2005  Coordinator from the part of Moldova in the implementation of Water Supply Program funded by the World Bank.
2003-2004  Co-president of the Danube Convention.
2003-2005  Political Focal Point Person on behalf of Moldova for Global Environment Facility (GEF).
2005-2006  President of the Administrative Council of the Concession Agreement of Redeco in Moldova.
2005-2006  President of the Administrative Council of the National Science Foundation of Moldova.

Research Publications

Author of more than 50 monographs and manuals, 126 patents, more than 400 research papers in the area of physical chemistry, ecological chemistry and chemical technology.

List of all publications: